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French Connection
Kyle & Sarah

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Your Schedule


Room 1&2 when available.


 Corridors and lobbies at your convenience.

No room 3.


Breakfast is already charged with your room

Food truck "Tartine & Lulu" (see location on the map below) is available during the weekend (refer to the dedicated planning in the staff room). For the check, please mention to the Food Truck that you are on staff and give your names, they will have your names and will put your meals on our check directly.

There will be snacks & drinks available in the staff room at all times

Friday -> Hotel or Staff room

Food trucks

Saturday -> 2:00pm - 10:00pm

Sunday -> 2:00pm - 10:00pm

Any Questions?

If you have any question/need, please contact your POC :

- Pierre-Louis, +33 7 80 05 66 91

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Did you know?

1. Toulouse is 2000 years old. Originally a small settlement of Celts arrived in the Garonne Valley and in year 2AD Romans also settled in Toulouse.

2. Toulouse is beautiful and is known as the “Pink City” because most buildings in the city used pale coloured bricks. It’s a great city to wander and look at the architecture. The very photogenic city hall is very similar to Buckingham Palace in London, England.

3. Toulouse is a large modern, city. While Toulouse is known for art, history and culture. Today it is the fourth largest city in France, partly because of the aerospace industry.

It’s also the largest centre for aerospace in all of Europe as the home of the European Airbus headquarters and the French space agency. If you’re a space buff don’t miss The Cite de l’Espace (the City of Space).

4. Toulouse is a city that feels like a village. Although it is a large city in France, the downtown core has been well preserved and not urban like other large cities. It is surprisingly pedestrian friendly. You can easily walk to most locations in the city centre.

5. Toulouse is known for its rich culinary culture. This is a city to eat French country cuisine. When in Toulouse look for classic French cassoulet, duck confit and the Toulouse sausage.

6. Toulouse has kept its strong artistic heritage. One of the most popular attractions, Les Abbattoirs, is not a slaughterhouse – well not anymore. It has been restored and is now an incredible museum of modern art with over 2,300 pieces of work.

7. Toulouse is great for wanderers. Louis XIV built the Canal du Midi in 1667 as a short cut from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean in 1667. Today the 240km stretch of canals is a UNESCO World Heritage site that you can walk and bike.

8. Locals in Toulouse love rugby. Stade Toulousain is home to the beloved “Les Rouges et Noirs.” It is unlikely that you will find tickets to the sold out games as but the next best thing is watching a match with locals in a nearby bar.

9. You can find Japanese culture in Toulouse. There are Japanese Gardens in Toulouse. The Jardin Japonais is a free botanical garden complete with a koi pond, stone garden and tea pavilion.


10. Although Toulouse is home to many engineers who work in aerospace, the culture is distinctly laid back. Compared to Paris, the people are friendlier, things are cheaper and the climate is warmer.

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